Flow Calligraphy - Custom Calligraphy
The written word...a chance to turn the mundane into the beautiful...

Flow Calligraphy offers personalized handwritten calligraphy in a variety of styles. Perfect for a special event, personalized note or invitation, we can work with you to create something special.

Danielle is a fine jeweller by trade and training. Dedicated to fine detail and beautiful touches, calligraphy is another outlet for her creative soul. Inspired by the opportunity to add a little excitement to the daily post, Danielle established Flow Calligraphy.

Originally from the snowy north of Canada, Danielle's love of calligraphy comes from her European roots, where illuminated manuscripts and fine copperplate scripts were the norm for hundreds of years. Her training in calligraphy, jewellery and art has flourished and taken its own voice into Flow Calligraphy.